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Delfoi Planner gave a huge boost to profitability

Coreplast Laitila Oy manufactures diverse plastic product solutions for the needs of the automotive, pharmaceutical and leisure industries, among others. The company’s operations range from the automated production of individual injection-moulded products to assembly services. In 2018, Coreplast Laitila Oy set itself the goal of improving profitability and increasing customer satisfaction. To achieve these goals, the company took concrete measures in production enhancement and introduced new production planning software. The results materialised quickly, and the company’s profitability jumped to a whole new level.

Good production planning calls for specially designed software

Coreplast had been using an ERP system and traditional spreadsheet applications for its production planning. However, their use for comprehensive production planning has its limits. When the company’s new production manager came on board in early 2018, he put the acquisition of appropriate planning software and the development of comprehensive production planning at the top of his agenda.

“I knew from experience that good planning software can help enhance production considerably. Excel spreadsheets are not enough if, say, you want to get a clear visual overall picture of the state of production,” says Jani Saarenpää, Production Director of Coreplast Laitila Oy


Quick implementation and professional support

Coreplast was looking for a solution that was quick to implement as well as a software partner who could provide all the required run-time and development support. They also wanted to acquire an application with proven performance instead of spending time piloting new and untested software. Coreplast’s choice was Delfoi Planner.


“Delfoi’s solid expertise and excellent references made a difference. I especially appreciate the valuable support we got from them during implementation. They took our own development ideas and views into consideration, and thanks to this, we got a system that matches our needs,” says Saarenpää. “We are really excited that Planner now offers us a visual and detailed overall view of production.”

Results materialised quickly

The company soon began approaching the goals set for enhanced production. User IDs were created for everyone in the organisation, and now production, sales and top management all get a clear picture of planning and scheduling through a single user interface. This leads to more effective resource allocation and helps everyone keep to schedules. Lead times have been reduced, and the reliability of deliveries has improved.

“The benefits are clearly visible on the bottom line. Our resources are properly allocated, and we can offer better service to our customers. The company’s profitability improved dramatically over the year, but I consider the long-term strategic advantages to be even more important,” says Mikko Toivonen, Managing Director of Coreplast Laitila Oy.


Concrete benefits of Delfoi Plannerin

  • Overall visibility of planning and scheduling throughout the organisation
  • Better allocation of resources
  • Shorter lead times
  • More reliable deliveries
  • Improved profitability


Coreplast Laitila Oy

Coreplast Laitila Oy is a leading manufacturer of injection-moulded plastic precision components headquartered in Laitila, South-western Finland. We are dedicated to providing our industry leading customers with visually attractive and dimensionally accurate solutions. Our specialisation lies in developing customised solutions for outdoor and sports, electronics, healthcare and automotive industries. We are your one-stop-contract manufacturer from concept to ready solutions packed in sales packaging. To guarantee high quality, we invest annually to new equipment and properties. More about Coreplast

“The benefits are clearly visible on the bottom line. Our resources are properly allocated, and we can offer better service to our customers."

– Mikko Toivonen, CEO Coreplast Laitila Oy