Simulation of production and logistics

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Simulation is an affordable, fast, and safe way to examine the functioning of a production system. Simulation also helps validate and test improvement actions that would not be considered otherwise due to their high risk. Being able to see the impact of the actions before the actual implementation enables companies to take on riskier development projects with greater benefits.

Simulation helps plan and optimize production and logistics systems

Simulation model of a production system imitates the operations of an existing or future real-world system, such as a plant. Simulation model provides for its users technical and financial data of the system performance. Simulation models can forecast the outcomes from development activities of a production process, internal logistics operations or production management.  In addition to statistical simulation, the model shows an animation of the system in a graphic, three-dimensional view, making it both faster and easier to interpret the results. The same model can be understood by the employees, the production engineers, and the operative management. Plant simulation helps make the right decisions when, for example, the plant has several bottlenecks, and its entire capacity must be validated as part of an investment decision.

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Delfoi offers its customers simulation modelling services, for simulation of entire production and logistics facilities, automation systems, production cells and individual production lines. Simulation can be used for strategic and operative planning.  Simulation is also used often to support sales and to specifying, planning and optimizing automation systems in the sales stage. We use visualized, three-dimensional computer simulation as our tool. There are no limits to the size of the system to be simulated. Delfoi uses the FlexSim simulation system.

For suppliers of complex automation systems, Delfoi offers system simulation for the joint development stage of the supplier and the customer. Simulation can for the automation system supplier be of great value in convincing the customer and helping the supplier verify that the system meets the customer’s needs.

The simulation model can be delivered to the customer who can use the model in any future development needs as well. Both standard training and customized training are available for the users of simulation models.

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Production system simulation model

Simulation reveals production bottlenecks, both in workforce and machinery, shows the impact of machine breaks in production and calculates work in progress (WIP) levels. Simulation software enables testing and comparing different production control methods and warehousing principles. Simulation can be used to examine and plan both push and pull systems and the how they are functioning in each specific customer’s operations.

Simulation minimizes investment risks. The effects of capacity investments can be confirmed in advance through modeling. The production process and the layout of the space can be optimized for various demand and manufacturing scenarios. Simulation also helps test the control principles of the production system in advance and choose the best one.

Existing production systems can also be better understood through computer simulation. The impact of changes in an existing production system can be verified precisely by analyzing them with simulation model.

Simulation in logistics development

Delfoi offers its corporate customers simulation services of the entire supply chain and also parts of it, e.g., factories, warehouses, terminals, hubs and other parts. Simulation is used to improving logistics planning accuracy. Transportation network design is one application of simulation. Delfoi has used discrete-event simulation for example in planning rail-road systems, harbor areas, delivery schedules and global supply chains. Learn more about the FlexSim software.


Teamwork with the customer

Delfoi’s success in more than 1,000 simulation projects is based on great teamwork with the customers. Workshops and data mining tools are typically used to obtaining accurate input data to simulation model. Models can be built on top of the value stream map without any facilities layout. More often, the model is implemented in scale on top of the customer’s existing facilities plans. The simulation software supports all of the most common 3D modeling formats. The resources, shifts and the plant’s control methods are also modeled in the system. The resources contain information on capacities and take times.

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