FlexSim simulation system

Risk-free support for decision-making in a rapidly changing operating environment.

FlexSim is a flexible 3D simulation software designed to meet various user needs. Together with the services of Delfoi Consulting, they form the perfect package for systematically reaching the desired productivity improvement goals.

FlexSim is the most flexible and efficient software in the market for discrete-event simulation in 3D. The software has a wide user base across all industrial sectors, logistics and service production. It helps develop, analyze and visualize processes, layouts, production management and other features of the production system quickly and without risks.

A FlexSim Run-Time version is also available to easily analyze and visualize the operations of the system using a pre-made model. Typical Run-Time users include production and process developers, supervisors, designers and decision-makers who do not personally develop simulation models. The experienced experts at Delfoi can offer all the required competence, including defining the model and the development options, implementing and validating the simulation model, analyzing the results and providing deployment support for the development measures.

FlexSim Enterprise for simulation model developers includes all the required functionalities for building models and working on development, analysis and visualization. Delfoi’s experienced modeling specialists provide the necessary training of basics, customized training for advanced users and Finnish-language user support.

FlexSim Educational is designed for use in educational institutions.

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. holds the copyright to any FlexSim software.


Key features of the software

  • Modeling of all imaginable systems and options with sufficient precision Inflexibility of the software or large scope of the model do not pose an obstacle to reliable modeling
  • Efficient memory and processor use make scenario work faster
  • Enables the use of existing 2D and 3D files
  • Comprehensive and efficient visualization features, game-level realism available, if necessary, including VR support for several models of headsets and controllers.
  • Wide global user base
  • Ready interfaces with the most common spreadsheet and database formats

Advanced features

  • Open architecture and integration with C++ programming language
  • Internal FlexScript programming language can also be used to adjust the logic of the model
  • ProcessFlow flow chart programming enables the programming of simulation models with almost no programming experience
  • Includes the ExpertFit tool for coordinating distribution
  • Various views available for the model developer, such as 2D, 3D and tree structure
  • Includes self-diagnostics for assessing the efficiency of the code
  • As well as a range of other features to help develop and use the model

System requirements

For up-to-date information on system requirements, please visit FlexSim product support.


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