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Operations planning and control solution for social and healthcare services

Demand-driven operations planning system enables better visibility and quality for health-care operators

Social and healthcare consist of complex value chains and business processes. The planning for the use of facilities, personnel and equipment requires transparency, sufficient information, and good management practices, but also comprehensive and easy-to-use planning tools.

Delfoi Planner for Healthcare is a modern and efficient operations planning and control solution developed for the needs of health care and social services. The solution is planned for use at all levels of operations. Delfoi Planner enables demand-driven planning and coordination of resources in strategic, tactical, and operative level.

A common plan for the entire operating unit and all professional groups, rather than individual functions, improves both the quality of services and the cost-effectiveness of operations.

Delfoi Planner for Healthcare
Client needs as a starting point for faster planning and more efficient use of resources in social and healthcare.

Delfoi’s solution for demand-driven healthcare operations planning and control is based on Delfoi’s unique and pioneering Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution for industrial production planning and control Delfoi Planner.

Delfoi is a leading healthcare operations development consultant in the Nordics. We have a comprehensive understanding of the need to implement a more efficient planning process to support the management in achieving the goals related to improving healthcare operations efficiency.

The need for operations planning and control from good in advance planning to daily operational resource management in Social and healthcare has been identified in recent years.

Finland’s first operations planning and control in social and healthcare was launched with Delfoi software in 2017.

“The new system replaces the disparate and multiple Excel spreadsheets we were using, facilitates planning, quickly provides a visual overview of resource needs and generates real-time work and room lists on the go.” -Järvenpää Social and Health Centre.

Read more about our project in Järvenpää.


The system is implemented as a cloud service, allowing access to up-to-date data from all terminals and mobile devices.

Planner for Healthcare benefits

Main features

Different levels of operations planning and control in the same solution

The same solution includes long-, medium- and short-term demand-driven resource and operations planning. The planning integrates facilities, equipment, personnel, competences, and tasks, among other things, into a functional entity. The software is also used for planning bed ward periods. The plan and implementation are available in real time.

The software is easy to use

The easy-to-use and modern Drag & Drop interface makes  planning and learning the software fast.

Planning with the software is simple

All the information needed for planning, such as the facilities and equipment to be used, the professionals and required competences and the tasks to be performed, are defined in advance for the planning.


The HTML5-based interface is device-independent and ensures low maintenance and lifecycle costs, as well as easy access to plans and information throughout the organisation. Worklists and reports are available on all devices and mobile (Android, Windows, iOS). A separate mobile user interface can be used to plan work shifts and view work shifts and tasks.


The software can be integrated with other healthcare information systems: client and patient information systems, human resource planning systems and facility information systems using different interfaces SOA (Webservice), XML or direct database connection.

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