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Delfoi Planner is a user-friendly and visual production planning solution to optimize your production. It replaces spreadsheet applications that are still frequently used in production scheduling. Delfoi Planner dramatically improves planning transparency and delivery reliability, shortens production lead times an minimizes work in progress.

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Delfoi Planner APS

Advanced production scheduling is a fast and easy user interface for scheduling and optimizing production orders. Reschedule a single operation, selected production orders or execute a full optimization of the plan. Concurrent planners can work simultaneously with the same plan.


Delfoi Planner MES

Shop floor control offers a simplified shop-floor user interface for confirming and reporting operations. Work instructions, quantity and other production notes can be viewed and reported through the digital work orders. Support for tablet and smartphones.


Delfoi Planner SOP

Advanced planning enables transparent production planning of forecast demand and projects together with existing capacity load. Based on forecast demand the planners can create long term planning scenarios on top of the existing sales orders.

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Project planning

Plan and manage your projects and office processes as part of your total schedule. Allocate resources to tasks and allow personnel to plan and sign hours to automatically follow the progress.

Delfoi Planner HR Planning FIN

Human Resource Planning

Manage and plan your human resource capacity. HR-planning includes skill management, shift and vacation planning and hour reporting. Human resources can be allocated to resources, tasks and projects based on skills and availability.

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Performance Reporting

Real time KPI reporting is available to analyse and follow Production Lead Times, Work-In- Process, Delivery Accuracy, Planned vs. Actuals, Production Quantities (Output) and Resource Utilization. Users can modify and save their own reports.

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Production planning, scheduling and control

Delfoi Planner replaces spreadsheet applications often used in production planning. The software enables capacity-limited planning and optimization, as well as quick changes to plans. Scheduled plans can be viewed visually, e.g. in terms of material shortages, delays or work progress.

Scheduled work lists can be forwarded to production, and correspondingly, work acknowledgments can be forwarded from production to production planning in real time. In the software, you can create your own sales forecasts, and forward verified information about manufacturing dates and work start times to sales.

Delfoi Planner enables capacity planning of forecasts and forecast orders on top of existing fine load. Forecast planning takes into account the inventory situation, demand and already loaded production orders.

Delfoi Planner benefits

Easy-to-use and easy-to-implement

Delfoi Planner has a easy-to-use and graphical drag&drop user-interface htat enable faster planning and shorter user learning.

Saas with native web-based architecture

Web-based architecture enables low cost of
ownership with easy client and user support and
real-time collaboration of the plans.


Delfoi Planner has an open REST (.json) application interface that enables third party integrations for partners, integrators and advanced customers.


Integration with ERP or other information systems is easy. Delfoi offers an open REST API for partners and advanced customers.

Official partners:

Delfoi Planner has an open REST (.json) application interface that enables third party integrations for example for:

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