Delfoi Planner comes to Essote

The South Savo social and health services federation (ie Essote), has decided to implement Delfoi Planner to its operations. Essote’s objective is to improve detailed resource planning processes and operations. Delfoi Planner project began in August 2018 and will be implemented throughout the whole organization.

“The aim of the Delfoi Planner implementation is to achieve more efficient and easy-to-understand processes for resource and space planning. We want to automate manual data gathering work, get rid of many different Excel based plans and integrate room reservations with other planning entities. The implementation of Planner requires the development of current operating processes and methods for all personnel groups,” says Mirja Lantiainen, who is managing the project at Essote.

“When we learn how to fully utilize Delfoi Planner, it will become a major tool to facilitate new work practices. Our expectations are high,” says Pirjo Syväoja, project director for Esper, which funds the investment.

More information about Delfoi and Delfoi Planner can be found on the website and by contacting us at:

Tomi Nurmi
Business Manager
+358 440780500