Järvenpää chose Delfoi Planner solution for healthcare operations planning and control

The city of Järvenpää has acquired Delfoi’s web-based control system for the operational support of the Social Services and Health Center (JUST). The system was introduced during 2016 to support the operation of the new social welfare and health center that was opened at the beginning of 2017.

The City of Järvenpää has decided to acquire the Delfoi Planner solution for healthcare operations planning and control for the planning and control of social and health care activities. The solution enables and combines the planning of weekly appointment schedules, rooms, doctors, nurses and other staff groups. The planning is based on the predicted patient appointment needs, existing space and human resources.

The system is web- and cloud based, and provides as a service, which also allows mobile access to up-to-date information for all parties concerned.


The aim of the solution is to improve the transparency of JUST’s service processes, speed up planning, and combine planning into one system. The system provides multiple users with up-to-date plans at the same time, reduces manual scanning errors, and allows for easy updating of plans. The system helps to improve the quality of operations, productivity and room sharing. This reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

“Delfoi Planner solution for healthcare operations planning and control is something completely new that I have not seen elsewhere. We’ve put Google glasses on and looked at how other industries, such as manufacturing, are planning and scheduling. Products in manufacturing are measured differently from  our products such as booking times, care calls or e-visits. The new system replaces the many scattered excels we have been using, facilitates planning and quickly gives a complete, visual view of the resource needs, as well as generates real-time work and room lists on mobile devices. This is what I mean by digitalization, improving processes, and eliminating the duplication of LEAN processes and down time,” says Eeva Ketola, Head of Health at the Järvenpää Center for Social and Health Care.

“We are very excited about the possibility of delivering a new generation of planning to Järvenpää’s social and health care system. The functional and qualitative objectives set for JUST require more accurate and transparent planning. Järvenpää is a great example of innovative development of operations to improve quality, productivity and customer satisfaction, “says Raimo Puro, Delfoi Oy.


The new Social and Health Center  was completed in Järvenpää in early 2017. The new site combines a significant part of the city’s social and health services under one roof. JUST is implementing intelligent IT solutions that support the whole social and health center’s operations. Before Planner was implemented, several file-based MS Office tools were used in Järvenpää for resource planning for nurses, doctors and facilities, in particular numerous Excel spreadsheets that did not met JUST’s requirements for resource and service level planning or development of quality of operations.

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