Project management support and change management

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Management support and change management support help face the challenges of the future.

Our role in hospital construction and investment projects is to ensure that projects are primarily understood as comprehensive operational process renewal and change management projects, rather than as facilities projects. Project preparation must provide baseline information on the sizing needs of the project, taking into account different options and different service forecasts. Our experts offer guidance to project management on what operational process and logistics planning should be implemented at different planning phases and at what level of accuracy. Working closely with project management and user representatives, we ideally provide input for architectural design and other specialised planning.

Benefits of our expertise for your investment project

  • The different options (location, operational model, layout) and their impact on space and staffing are considered with a sufficient level of detail, and potential bottlenecks in processes are identified at a sufficiently early stage.
  • Sizing the building(s) to the right volume and carrying out alternative calculations.
  • Operational requirements guide the design of the premises and not the other way round

Good change management paves the way for the future

A major change project requires planning, consistency, controlled implementation, and continuous monitoring to be successful. Good change management paves the way for the introduction of future healthcare processes and services. Delfoi supports change management of its client organisations and, together with the management of the client organisation, strives to:

  • prevent resistance to change within the organisation
  • highlight the benefits of change in their own work
  • support the organisation’s management in communication

What aspects have been taken into account to make the change process successful?

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