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Global luxury brand relies on Delfoi Planner

Mulberry is a global luxury brand and the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the UK. With over 120 owned and partner stores across 25 countries, strong international digital network and integrated omni-channel offer; Mulberry’s products reach consumers around the world. When Mulberry decided to improve operational efficiency in its factories, their production planning team searched for a modern solution that would take the whole operations planning and scheduling to a new level. After comparing several alternatives, they chose Delfoi Planner.

Handcrafting in industrial scale requires a lot from production planning

In Mulberry’s production, some parts of the process are operated with machines, like cutting; while some parts of the production line involve careful handcrafting, for example stitching and inking. For this type of mixture of automated processes and handcrafting to run smoothly and efficiently, the production planning solution must be first class.

Mulberry had several challenges with their previous production planning system. The target was set to find a new solution that would tackle the challenges and provide great usability and all the necessary capabilities to make the planning of complex process easy and efficient.

“We were looking for a cloud-based solution that would integrate well with our ERP system. Our wish list for the new solution included easy-to-use and intuitive user interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Reporting historical data was something that we had lacked, that was one feature we were looking for. We found all those in Delfoi Planner”, says Mulberry’s Production Planning Manager Tom Breingan.


Smooth integration process and close cooperation guaranteed fast implementation

Once the decision to go for Delfoi Planner was made, the testing and integration process started in close cooperation with the Delfoi implementation team. Delfoi Planner has an open REST application interface that enables third party integrations. With this interface it was easy for Mulberry’s experts to do the inte-gration to Mulberry’s ERP system.


“From the integration perspective, everything went very well. The Delfoi team had spent time working with our production planning management before I got involved and had proved the systematic and operational requirements in a test environment. Delfoi’s integration team was very quick to respond if we had any issues and we built a great relationship with the whole team”, says Simon Dent, IT Business Analyst at Mulberry.

The benefits were realized quickly

Now that Delfoi Planner has been in operation for a few months, the benefits that Mulberry wanted to see and targets they wanted to achieve have already been realized..

”With Delfoi Planner’s MES system, we can get better shop floor feedback and transparency throughout the process. Live data from the process enables us to see what is being cut and what jobs are scanned into production”, says Production Planning Manager Tom Breingan, and continues:

“The whole reporting side of things is great in Delfoi Planner. I can now look at things with a click of a button instead of going through Excel files. Being able to access historical data is a great benefit and scheduling is now much smoother. Delfoi even added a special functionality just for us, we can click on a button and check which jobs have got missing materials or see what is causing a problem. We now have a good live shot of what is happening on the shop floor. And we save a lot of time. Delfoi Planner has delivered more than what we initially expected.”

“We know that Delfoi Planner is a developing and growing solution. We are going to watch their roadmap closely and check if there is anything new and useful for our future needs”
, summarizes IT Business Analyst Simon Dent.


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"Delfoi Planner has delivered more than what we initially expected."

– IT Business Analyst Simon Dent.