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Throughput increased 50%

With the help of simulation based productivity development ABB doubled their capacity in their production units in ABB Pitäjänmäki Factory where they manufacture medium-size to very large Induction and Synchronous Electric Motors.

Project steps

Delfoi made a current state analysis (bottle-neck and through-put time) to determine development ideas together with the customer. Based on the analysis a current state simulation model was built and validated against actual demand, through-put time and labor hours.Future state demand, layout, process and resource scenarios were formulated. Then chosen change scenarios were validated by simulation and compared to the current state.The simulation proved that a vast amount of changes were necessary to meet the goal

  • New layout were developed and designed
  • Changes to labor skill matrixes
  • Changes in labor finite scheduling practices.
  • Changes in order launching & sequencing principles to improve flow and the load
ABB Service Helsinki presentation
ABB Casefactoryi


As a result, the weekly through-put was increased by 50% and order lateness was solved in 6 months after the project. No investments were needed due to the increased through-put by improved planning and control.