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Delfoi Planner considerably improved systematicity and delivery reliability

Reifer Oy, specialising in demanding subcontracting projects, has always strived to develop its operations to answer to rapid changes in demand and to adapt to project-specific deliveries. Reliable deliveries, sustained quality and cost-effectiveness have been the guiding principles and key competitive factors for Reifer during its 20-year history.

Efficient production planning enables customer-oriented and profitable subcontracting

Week-to-week planning is no longer adequate

Competition is growing stiffer in all markets worldwide, posing ever greater challenges for subcontracting and related production planning and control. As production and deliveries come under tougher demands, companies need a real-time view of production. The production planning features of Reifer’s ERP solution did not offer the required efficiency, so the company began looking for a solution that could be integrated into its existing systems and would offer superior production planning tools.

“We heard about Delfoi’s solutions back in 2017. At the time, we left the matter at that, but returned to it when we decided to take the next step in developing our production planning. In addition to providing modern, user-friendly service, Delfoi convinced us with its expertise and references. Delfoi Planner’s seamless integration into our ERP system was a decisive factor as well,” says Lassi Otranen, Managing Director of Reifer.


Results from management by information

Reifer deployed Delfoi Planner in autumn 2019 and soon began to see good results. Being a browser-based cloud service, Delfoi Planner was easy to deploy. The visual user interface and features tailored to Reifer’s needs have helped the entire organisation learn and adopt new things more rapidly.


“Delfoi Planner has made our operations more systematic, and now we really have our eyes on the future. Our delivery reliability has improved, urgent orders are easier to schedule and we can meet tight customer schedules more efficiently. Our staff is satisfied as well: the service is easy to use and the work queues are displayed in each employee’s own Mobile Planner,” says Lassi Otranen.

Future success is built daily

Management by information is a key competitive advantage in Reifer’s business and the company wants to continue to invest in it. Although a real-time view of production is important in daily operations, the increased volume of information is also important for the long-term strategic planning of overall business.

“The better we succeed in production planning, the more we can focus on new customer acquisition, since we have full trust in the reliability of our deliveries. This is a core element of success for a company like ours, which specialises in demanding subcontracting projects. We are collaborating with Delfoi’s experts to achieve our common goals, namely to further improve systematicity and enhance delivery reliability and turnaround times,” Lassi Otranen, Managing Director of Reifer, summarises.

"Delfoi convinced us with its expertise and references. Delfoi Planner’s seamless integration into our ERP system was a decisive factor as well"

– Managing Director Lassi Otranen, Reifer