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Comprehensive production development is an investment in success

A new strategy required a new approach. MSK Cabins has been supplying safety cabins for five decades. The experienced contract manufacturer was faced with a new challenge when, in line with its updated strategy, it decided to expand into new product areas and reach out to new customer segments. From a production point of view, the change meant an increased need for small series production. The company recognised the need for a comprehensive project to develop production and in-house logistics.

A competent partner was easily selected

Some production organisations implement production development projects completely independently. Faced with a completely new challenge, MSK Cabins knew that it was possible to draw on specific skills and expertise from an external partner that might not be available in-house. It therefore began to identify suitable partners for this project.

”Delfoi is a familiar and reliable partner for us, and the
choice was easy. They previously carried out a production development project with us and produced a simulation model to determine how different factors affect the capacity adequacy and lead times of our welding shop,” says Taneli Mikkola, Production Manager at MSK Cabins.

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Tested solutions for production and logistics processes, layout and production control create the conditions for efficient operations

MSK Cabins’ innovative production process and technology has refined production to be flexible and fast. Flexible customisation and fast manufacturing lead times have always been based on advanced product and production planning, aided by close line links to the customer. The simulation ensures smooth assembly and logistics cooperation: the cabin frames are processed into customised, pre-equipped products with high quality, precision, and efficiency!

The aim of the new development project was to further improve competitiveness by reducing production lead times, improving delivery reliability, and reducing the capital tied up in production. To anticipate the impact of the changes, the project first required a detailed simulation model of the current state of the assembly area and internal logistics.

Various development scenarios were built on top of the current model, covering new products and different lines, process development and logistics models. An accurate and visually illustrative 3D simulation was used to provide certainty on the impact of the different scenarios on the resource requirements for assembly and in-house logistics, labour productivity, warehouse sizes and pallet space requirements, among others. The simulation model was also used to ensure the adequacy of space for the projected demand and can be used for future option analysis.

Successful development project sets the course for the future

A new strategy and preparation for future growth were the key drivers behind the development project. The key result of the project has been to get more out of production without major investment. This is a good starting point for the future.

”Delfoi’s extensive and good references, understanding of our complex environment and their solid knowledge and expertise have convinced us. Our cooperation has borne fruit and I see a need for it in the future,” sums up Mikkola.

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60 years of ambitious development and uncompromising craftsmanship have created a world-class cabin manufacturer. MSK Cabins truly knows everything there is to know about safety cabins. Long-standing customer relationships are the result of openness, honesty, and integrity. Long experience also brings self-confidence, which encourages you to challenge familiar ways of doing things. When MSK Cabins manages and understands the big picture, expertise is maintained throughout the organisation in the supplier-customer-end-customer chain. Read more:  MSK Group

”Delfoi is a familiar and reliable partner for us, and the choice was easy."

– Production Manager Taneli Mikkola, MSK Cabins Oy