SOP Advanced planning

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The SOP planning module enables transparent production planning of forecast demand and projects together with existing capacity load. Based on forecast demand the planners can create long term planning scenarios on top of the existing sales orders.

Delfoi Planner SOP – Advanced planning for production

The Delfoi Planner SOP module enables rough cut capacity planning of forecasted orders and projects. These can be planned against demand forecast scenarios that can be read into the system or created manually. Forecast orders reserve capacity according to their probability % and are easily scheduled and managed in a Gantt chart planning view. Visualisation of resource utilisation and capacity across multiple resources enable finding and analysing bottlenecks caused by either orders or resources.

Forecast capacity can be calculated on top of existing demand and scheduled orders. The long-term plan can react to changes in confirmed short-term capacity permitting more flexibility and speed. The plan and related reporting tools are always up to date and available for management and sales.

Forecast projects and rough-cut production can be flexibly integrated into different systems with the Delfoi Planner REST interface.

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