APS Advanced production scheduling

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APS is a fast and easy user interface for scheduling and optimizing production orders. Reschedule a single operation, selected production orders or execute a full optimization of the plan. Concurrent planners can work simultaneously with the same plan.

Delfoi Planner APS – Advanced production scheduling

Delfoi Planner replaces spreadsheet applications often used in production planning. The software enables capacity-limited planning and quick changes to plans. Scheduled plans can be viewed visually, e.g. in terms of material shortages, delays or work progress.

Scheduled work lists can be forwarded to production, and correspondingly, work acknowledgments can be forwarded from production to production planning in real time. In the software, you can create your own sales forecasts, and forward verified information about manufacturing dates and work start times to sales.

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The production planner can download the orders from the ERP system, or create them themself with the Delfoi Planner application. Orders are scheduled automatically or by drag-and-drop onto the Gantt screen. The designer can change everything according to the order or reschedule and optimize a part or the whole plan. The planning takes into account machine capacity and personnel needs, skills and shift patterns. In addition, the availability of materials and components can be ensured.

The Delfoi Planner solution can be used to plan projects and monitor their progress. The structure of production orders supports both production and office phases, to which people or skills can be attached.