Gartner magic quadrant of supply chain planning 2014

Gartner predict strong growth for Supply Chain Planning software and brake through in the near future (tipping point). Below are listed the trends behind the prediction.

Quote: More global, complex supply chains:

– The continuing globalization of supply chains
– The increasingly multienterprise nature of supply chains
– The increasing variability and unpredictability of demand and supply
– The increasing change in a supply chain — for example, from in-house to outsourced to in-house again manufacturing; the impact of mergers and acquisitions and disposals; and the increasing size of product portfolios and product options.

Quote: The convergence of short-term planning and execution (what Gartner calls respond planning), and the need to replan fast across a supply chain in support of more dynamic demand and supply execution environments.

Heikki Aalto, 17.12.2014